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A simple note-taking strategy, featuring the greatest pen in the world

Illustration by me

A simple thought exercise for when you’re experiencing boredom or burnout

Photo: RunPhoto/Getty Images

A less-masked future is near, and our facial expressions will matter more than ever

Illustration by the author

A mental framework for making it through a difficult time

Photo: Seven Shooter via Unsplash


Always remember — they won’t miss what isn’t there

Illustration by the author

A fashion maxim that works for the rest of life, too

Image: Kurt Brodbeck/EyeEm/Getty

My favorites are mostly for getting things started, and they’re mostly analog

Jerry Garcia with one of his favorite writing tools. Photo: Wikicommons

A pocket knife is an act of kindness. Really.

Person using pocket knife to peel apple skin.
Person using pocket knife to peel apple skin.
Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

The power of quotability

Illustration by the author

The power of quotability

Gov. Greg Abbott seems to think he’s running a state I don’t recognize — because it’s a fantasy of political convenience

Photo courtesy of the author

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